Our Reason for Being...

So we have a few little critters at heel these days - our wonderful children are ever-present and of course the source of great joy and some madness. I find their energy awe-inspiring.

Whilst showering and 'off-duty' for ten minutes this morning, I came back to find my eldest had had an 8.15am 'craft-bomb' - ie. glue, scissors, fluorescent tissue paper, pens, pastels glitter... exploded all over the floor. My 3 year-old had simultaneously had a 'Duplo-bomb'. !...

This is when I find our cubes rather useful - stash it all in and and close down that lid. (At least until after returning from the school drop-off when you have time to deal with the fall-out & sip a strong coffee). Sigh. Let the day begin!  G x


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