Small Marks in a Huge Time April 27 2020, 0 Comments


Small paintings from a huge time. Moments of contemplation. Feelings of hope. Frustration. Marking down gratitude. Sketching out calm. Outlining bewilderment. Fear. Recognizing tragedy. Depicting joy. Eternal optimism. 

I am compiling a visual record of this lockdown period. Both consciously and subconsciously- this strange time in our history is finding it’s way into my art. 

The colours of Argentina in my eyes, are warm and muted, sun-faded and timeless.


It’s insidious - the seeping of muted ochre, soft clay pinks, oxidized oranges, grey-greens and some inky darks into my painters palette. 

These little works on paper have become my visual diary. A tale of a time. And hopefully, the return of human touch and free-roaming are not too far away. 
Wishing you all good things. 

Georgie. x