SOLO EXHIBITION OPENS 24 September in NELSON August 21 2019, 2 Comments

Hello lovely people!

An invitation to my next exhibition, ‘Queens Greens’; which opens
24 September in the McKee Gallery at the Suter Gallery, Nelson.

Please join me for a glass of wine on opening night! 
Tuesday September 24th at 5.30pm 

This collection of paintings is inspired by the lush local Queens Gardens. These heritage gardens are a wonderful array of deep greens, dripping foliage, water reflections and secret pathways.

Having grown up in Nelson, I have fantastic memories of visits to the Gardens as a child. Rambling around beneath the huge trees, along the pond edge and being mesmerized by the arcing droplets from the fountain and the lazy, lurching turn of the water wheel.  














This exhibition will display paintings based on the Gardens, as well as nearby surrounding landscapes such as the Maitai River and Fairfield Park. The work is loosely figurative, lightly abstracted and inevitably veiled in emotion and memory.














The show runs until 6 October, so you have plenty of time to view the paintings. For non-locals, please keep an eye out on Instagram for updates and photos of the works, and feel free to contact me with any enquiries.

With best wishes,