WELCOME, 2018. January 24 2018, 0 Comments


and thanks for being part of my world. It's you all and your support that keeps Belle Hawk alive and well and relevant.


I am excited about a couple of new things happening this year. New paintings planned - including portraits and still life works. Last year I focussed on landscapes; an immediate response to the beautiful hills, estuaries and bays around me. We do live in a paradise here in Nelson, NZ and I have endless subject matter for landscape painting.

This year I am studying abstracted portraits and still-life works, monochromatic works and looking at how to incorporate printed textiles into my paintings. An age-old approach. I can't wait.

In the studio I'm stretching new swathes of linen over frames and dreaming up new colour palettes. Wonderful stuff.

Also a return to my textile design roots as I incorporate some of my original drawings and paintings into new pattern designs that will be printed on fabric and turned into who-knows-what. Something delicious. I'm thinking silk scarves and linen totes... Suggestions welcome!

Belle Hawk is now three years old and there has been a lot of hard work and energy invested. My sister and co-founder, Bee was a vital part of this. Bee handed me the reigns in 2016 and is thriving in motherhood and her corporate life in Auckland.

Meanwhile back at HQ, my darling mini-est mini begins school this year. Milestone! It feels timely to take Belle Hawk to the next level and take 2018 by storm.

Join me!

Very best wishes,