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They’ve been a long time coming... but I’m thrilled to have launched these new art prints.

Each work is limited to an edition  of 45 prints. Each print is signed and numbered individually by the artist.

Printed on beautiful textured heavy cotton rag paper, these prints have a wonderful quality to them - vivid, highly pigmented colors and beautiful details. These make excellent gifts and frame up beautifully for anywhere in the home or office. View full details on the website.

Have a wonderful festive season! 

DECEMBER ALREADY! December 15 2020, 0 Comments


For a following along with me on this wild and crazy ride that has been 2020! 
The first half of this year was spent in Argentina. An adventure cut short by the pandemic, but nonetheless an adventure, even if only to taste and experience some South American atmosphere, climate, language and meet some truly wonderful people. 

Back home to NZ to re-set and back into my little studio space for some painting time. 
sales have been swift and I’m happily painting up new original pieces all the time to satisfy demand. What a fortunate position to be in. I know. And I take nothing for granted. I’m rolling with it and am so grateful that my art practice is flourishing. 

Beat wishes for the Christmas season and New Year celebrations!

Be safe and enjoy every day. 
Warmest wishes,

Georgina. x

New Paintings 2020 October 30 2020, 0 Comments

Spring seems so full! The weeks are flying by but there is plenty of painting happening. New works are being uploaded to the website regularly. Please keep an eye out via social media and the website for the latest available pieces. 

Wishing you a wonderful week!


BLOOMS! September 11 2020, 0 Comments

Thank you so much for your fantastic response to the latest floral paintings. It’s been amazing!
I am busy in the studio painting more floral originals and will upload these to the website as they are completed. 
it must be the bright colours and positivity that emanates from these paintings that is appealing to so many. Art and colour are pure therapy in crazy times such as these!


H O M E G R O U N D . September 01 2020, 0 Comments

I am painting with great energy. There is so much colour and emotion to convey!

Watch this space, as I release new paintings from the studio, direct to the website, one by one, as they are completed.

Shadows On The Ground July 14 2020, 0 Comments

Hello from Argentina,

The days are cold but bright; and the shadows are long.

The pandemic is gathering pace in South America and the local businesses are suffering. Movements are restricted, airports still closed, face masks still mandatory and the locals are staying in. The people here are used to crises and uncertainty and keep marching on. I admire them hugely. 
As for us - we are enjoying our last weeks here in beautiful Mendoza before heading home to NZ. It’s been a difficult decision to leave here but with so many unknowns and restrictions, we feel it’s the right thing to do. 
We are fortunate to have options and NZ is a great one right now.

A few images from the leafy autumn here...



Best wishes from me to you,


Life & Liberties. Argentina. June 18 2020, 0 Comments

Hola! Welcome back  

An update from me to let you know that we are still meandering in Mendoza, post-lockdown. We can now head out to shops, restaurants and parks - with restrictions and social distancing. 
it has been fantastic to get out and about in our local neighborhood.

The autumn here is beautiful. Mendoza is a city of tree-lined streets and many plazas and parks that are crowned with richly-hued deciduous trees; laden with leaves. That, paired with the dry and dusty earth and the biscuit-coloured buildings, and I have a perfect palette from which to work  

On the home front, we are still homeschooling our three children. It has its daily challenges! And impacts hugely on my ability to be creative and get into the studio to paint. That said, I’m inspired daily by my surroundings and am slowly getting together a new body of work. 

Keep in touch via my Instagram account for all the images of daily life here in Mendoza and my latest paintings from the studio. 

Best wishes. Saludos!


‘Portraits In Isolation’ May 10 2020, 0 Comments

I’m loving working small, on paper, creating faces, conveying moods, defining moments. 

Small Marks in a Huge Time April 27 2020, 0 Comments

Small things, small thoughts in a huge time. Moments of contemplation. Feelings of hope. Frustration. Marking down gratitude. Sketching out calm. Outlining bewilderment. Fear. Recognizing tragedy. Depicting joy. Eternal optimism.

Changing Times. ART FOREVER. April 06 2020, 0 Comments

Amidst the new routine and the uncertainty, I am feeling highly creative. I have a small studio space here;