Ply shadow box + print


Our ply shadow boxes are a practical and beautiful option for your home. 

Perfect for storing keys, sunglasses, wallets, phones and all those other 'out-the-door' items; or hang them in bedrooms to replace bedside tables, for books, alarm clocks and other bedside treasures that you want to keep tucked away. 

The boxes have a special groove so that one of our prints can slide in to create a backdrop or a cover for your shelf. 

Made from 18mm sustainably-forested West Coast Radiata plywood. Hand-sanded to a velvety finish. 300mm x 300mm x 145mm approx weight 1.6kg.

Prices are in NZD.

Hanging cleat with screws included for wall-mounting. Please note: once your shadow box is wall-hung with the cleat, the print can only be used at the front of the box.

The print measures 280mm wide x 290mm high and is 7mm thick.

Shadow box + print combined weighs approx. 2kg.