Belle Hawk

Mr Maker February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Belle Hawk is very proud of the fact that all our plywood products are not only NZ-made, but also made locally and made by hand.

Sometimes it's good to know the people behind the product; the hands that craft the goods. Introducing Will Slack of MAKE Furniture;
our plywood craftsman. Will and his small team here in Nelson are busy in their workshop crafting beautiful plywood furniture, putting together custom-made kitchens and of course turning out beautiful, quality storage boxes for Belle Hawk! We appreciate Mr (anything but) Slack for his keen eye and attention to detail, his thoughtful problem solving and his great knowledge of his craft and materials.


So when you receive a cube or a shadow box from us, know that it has been crafted by a pair of safe hands and sent with a good dollop of locally-made satisfaction. Happy week everyone.