We Love Ply June 11 2014, 0 Comments

If we followed our original product ideas we could have been selling scarves, dinnerware or bags, but we found a talented local craftsman (Will Slack), and came up with our plywood range of cubes, shadow boxes and art prints.

You will have seen a lot of plywood in retail spaces, cafes and design mags. We want you to have it and enjoy it in your homes. 

Why We Love Ply - 

  • It serves as a beautiful backdrop for styling and showcasing pretty much anything.
  • It brings a natural and outdoorsy yet modern and light feel to a space. 
  • Ours is hand-sanded and velvety smooth to touch.
  • It is a sustainable resource.
Who knows what we might do next, but for now, we love ply.
If you love it too, tell us via Instagram, Facebook or email, and you could receive a little present from us.