New arrival in the Belle Hawk nest September 19 2015, 0 Comments

We are super excited to announce the arrival of the newest addition to the Belle Hawk family - baby Augusta Rose. She arrived on September 4th, in great shape to the joy of her lovely parents, Bee and Dene and big sister, Arabella. We are all thrilled to have this new little person in the world and can't wait to see the lady she will become.

So while Bee tends to the demands of motherhood, I will be handling all enquiries and production (and doing my best to squeeze in the odd Instagram and Facebook post, in order to share some Belle Hawk love with the world!) 

We love to hear from you so please be in touch anytime with feedback, queries and thoughts.

Meantime, wishing you all a happy, healthy start to Spring. Enjoy the blooms!

Georgie   x