Changing Times. ART FOREVER.

Changing Times. ART FOREVER.

Hi Everyone,

Wow; so much has changed in the world since I last wrote.

Some say that the world as we know it will be forever changed by the COVID19 pandemic. It’s difficult to comprehend. The mind shudders with the reality of the death toll and the livelihoods broken during this time. 

We are safe and well here in Argentina. We are living a quiet existence in our home and garden. Like so many, we have slowed our pace, limited our wants and expectations of a day and are spending more time together as a family just ‘being’. 

Amidst the new routine and the uncertainty, I am feeling highly creative. I have a small studio space here; but at present a limited amount of art supplies! Namely, seven tubes of acrylic, five chalk pastels and some art paper. It’s amazing how much I can do with pared back palette and I’m loving experimenting and studying colour.

I will have a batch of affordable new works on paper available as a ‘studio sale’ soon. I’m not sure when I will be able ship these but they will be safely guarded in the meantime!

The good news is that Red Gallery have four of my new paintings for sale online.

Big, best, brightest wishes,


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