H O M E G R O U N D . September 01 2020, 0 Comments

It is so good to be home.

T H O U G H T S :

A profound sense of gratitude for all that we have and are here in NZ.

A wistful disappointment to have left beautiful people and unexplored lands behind.

And a very real knowledge of just what an unexpected and grave year 2020 has been.

. . . .

My art studio has always brought me huge joy and daily challenges. Now more than ever, I feel so fortunate to have this sanctuary. It is bliss!

I am painting with great energy. Abstracts, still life and portraits. There is so much to convey; colour and emotion and ideas.

Watch this space - as I release new paintings from the studio, direct to the website one by one, as they are completed.

Thank you for you wonderful support!